The Project Management Specialists​

Project Management

Advanced technics as a basic principle of business success.

Constructive Teamwork

Our teamwork methodology using web 2.0 applications and tools

Project Conception

Iidentifying business gaps and conceiving value chain projects.

offering the following core services

Our mission is to provide quality Project Management services using modern project management tools and applying best global practice to the organizations in Greece by offering the following core services.

Procurement Services

Best practices dictate a total project budget should be developed as early as possible in a project.

Project Management

Undertakeing cost and time payments management, and monitoingr works progress.

Project Management Office (PMO) Deployment

Implementing standard project management practices and improving project success rates

Project and Construction Management

Providing first class project and construction management expertise as an extension of the client.

Project Monitoring & Evaluation

Delivering successful projects to clients, from design to implementation and monitoring progress to assessing outcome.

Project Development and Financing

Structuring, and financing projects, credit support, and risk allocation, with strength in initial project development and feasibility efforts, project financing, and asset management.

Project Design & Feasibility Studies

Assessing the commercial viability of new projects and experience in developing marketing strategies and plans for the projects' outputs.

Why Choose Us?

BKG involvement in the early stages of your project offers you the greatest opportunity to most effectively cost control, schedule, and quality. This enables us to anticipate and respond quickly to project conditions to keep your project moving forward.

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